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Symptoms of Brain Injuries

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According to statistics, around 1.7 million individuals suffer from brain injuries every year. Furthermore, over 50% of these injuries can be attributed to some type of fall, vehicle accident, or other serious personal injury accident. Suffering a brain injury can be very obvious in some cases, and more subtle in others. Identifying the symptoms of a brain injury can be important for ensuring proper medical care is received early on.

Biren Law Group has been advocating for brain injury victims for decades. Are legal team has the experience, knowledge, and resources to successfully handle your case. When you call on us, our Los Angeles injury lawyers put their 40+ years of experience to work right away. We also work hand in hand with medical specialists and other experts to ensure that the full extent of our clients' injuries is understood.

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Identifying Your Brain Injury Symptoms

Each section of the human brain is responsible for different functions. Symptoms vary in intensity depending on the type of brain injury you have suffered. People who suffer from the effects of mild traumatic brain injuries or post-concussive syndrome may recover in a few months or may take a few years. Those who suffer more serious traumatic brain injuries often suffer prolonged or permanent changes, which can range from physical problems to cognitive deficits. The type of symptoms an individual will suffer may also vary depending on which part of the brain was injured.

The following brain injuries have varying symptoms, such as:

  • Frontal lobe injury: Inability to multi-task, organic, or perform basic work functions. Loss of motor functions, personality changes and mood swings, as well as a loss of drive are also common.
  • Temporal lobe injury: Inability to recognize words, decreased speech perception, long-term/short-term memory loss, inability to recognize faces, and even seizures.
  • Occipital lobe injury: Partial loss of visual field, reading and writing impairments, inability to identify movement of objects, hallucinations, and color agnosia.
  • Parietal lobe injury: Loss of hand/eye coordination, inability to control visual movement, loss of awareness of body parts, inability to recall words.
  • Brain stem injury: Memory loss, vertigo, less of strength or coordination, difficulty swallowing, decreased breathing, and sleeping issues.

Neuropsychological testing is able to pinpoint the portion of your brain that is injured. By using this technology, you can not only get more accurate treatment for your specific injury, but also craft a better claim demonstrating the severity of your suffering.

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