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Truck Driver & Trucking Company Negligence

Hold All Liable Parties Accountable

The job of a trucking company is to ensure that products get from one place to another, while the job of a trucker is to deliver those products safely and efficiently. When one or both of these entities fail to do their jobs, serious accidents can occur. At Biren Law Group, we know what it takes to prove liability after a serious truck accident.

We use investigators and accident reconstruction experts to evaluate and prove driver or trucking company negligence. We also use experts to determine if defects in the truck or its tires, wheels or trailer contributed to the cause of the accident. If you or a loved one has been involved in a truck accident, please give us a call today.

Examples of Negligent Behavior

Trucking companies are businesses, and in these times of economic distress, they want to cut costs as much as possible. Some trucking companies push their drivers to drive faster than is safe or for longer periods than the law allows in order to maximize profits. These practices can cause truck driver fatigue. Additionally, trucking companies that focus on their bottom line sometimes skimp on the maintenance of their trucks.

Some accidents happen because truck drivers are negligent. Driving too fast, making unsafe lane changes and failing to stop on time are examples of simple negligence. Other times, accidents result from drivers driving longer hours than the law allows, taking drugs to help them work and driving after drinking alcohol. Another dangerous practice is distracted driving, which can include texting or talking on a cellphone.

Avoidance of Responsibility

After an accident, trucking companies and their insurance carriers will often send a representative to the scene of the accident as quickly as possible. These representatives will try to take control of any information that could prove what happened, including physical evidence. If prompt action is not taken to preserve this evidence, valuable information can disappear as vehicles are repaired and black box data is destroyed.

If you are involved in an accident, it is to your benefit to hire a truck accident attorney in Los Angeles as quickly as possible. If a representative of the trucking company or its insurance carrier approaches you, do not talk to them or sign anything without calling us first. You could be putting your rights at risk. With Biren Law Group by your side, you can ensure that you will be able to fight for maximum financial compensation.

Get a Full Legal Team on Your Side

At Biren Law Group, we use a team approach to enhance the representation we provide to our clients. The firm's record of excellent results is proof that this approach works. Matthew Biren is involved in every case from start to finish, and he works closely with our associates and staff. If two minds are better than one, the creativity of an entire team is even better. Our goal in every case is to build a winning case for trial.

It is because insurance companies know our track record at trial that they recognize the wisdom of settling with our clients. Besides working with the best experts to prove liability in our cases, Biren Law Group also utilizes the best doctors, economists, vocational experts, life care planners and other damage experts to increase the value of our clients' cases. This is how we win truck accident cases for our clients.

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