Doe-1 v. Roe-1 Insurance Company

Insurance Company Settles Bad Faith Case For $3.35 Million

When Doe-1's dog ran into the street from the yard of his condominium, it caused a city truck to swerve, throwing the two gardeners out of the back end out of the truck. One gardener sustained brain damage and the other very serious orthopedic injuries

Lawyers for the two gardeners offered to settle for Doe-1's insurance limits of $100,000, but his homeowner's insurance company stood on technicalities and refused to settle. As a result, that case proceeded to trial and a verdict for $2.6 million was returned against Doe-1. The insurance company then paid the $100,000 policy limits, but left Doe-1 on the hook for $2.5 million more.

Biren Law Group brought a bad faith claim on behalf of Doe-1 against his own insurance company. After proving through discovery that the insurance company did not have good cause for initially failing to settle the case within policy limits, the carrier settled the underlying claim by paying the remaining $2.5 million due on the judgment and paying Doe-1 $835,000 in compensation for emotional distress.

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