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If you were recently hurt in a truck accident, you may be facing an uphill battle. Insurance companies do not voluntarily pay out compensation. In fact, they often do everything in their power to pressure you into settling for less money than you deserve. This is why you need to retain the help of a Los Angeles truck accident attorney from Biren Law Group.

We can evaluate your case and develop a strategy that is geared toward obtaining maximum compensation on your behalf. Our firm is not afraid to stand up to insurance companies. If necessary, we will take your case all the way to trial. Contact our firm now to discuss your case and learn more about your legal options. We are ready to fight for you.

You may be entitled to financial compensation for:

  • Past medical bills, future medical care and other requirements
  • Past lost earnings and future lost earnings and earnings capacity
  • Past and future pain and suffering and emotional distress
  • Any other harm that you have or will suffer from the accident

Who is at Fault for the Accident?

One of the most important aspects of any truck accident claim is the determination of liability. Liability is a legal concept that has to do with who is at fault and, in turn, responsible for paying damages. Sometimes liability is clear and unmistakable, but in other cases, the responsible party is not readily identifiable.

After a semi-truck accident, Biren Law Group will work with a team of seasoned investigators and experts to discover who was at fault. Although it may seem obvious that the truck driver is to blame, other parties may also share in the responsibility. For example, a defectively designed or manufactured component part could be the real culprit.

During an investigation, our truck accident lawyers often discover that a truck driver or trucking company failed to adhere to legally mandated safety inspections. In other cases, the trucking company failed to properly screen, train or monitor their drivers. It is also possible that a government entity failed to address a dangerous roadway.

What If I'm Being Blamed for the Accident?

Do not be surprised if an opponent attempts to shift blame. Insurance companies are notorious for finding means to avoid paying out benefits, even if it means blaming the victim. Biren Law Group has decades of experience in truck accident litigation. We have the skill and knowledge to prove liability on the part of the truck driver or trucking company.

We analyze the "black box" data recorder installed on the truck; we examine the truck driver's records, including receipts and credit card information, to determine if he or she broke the rules regarding hours spent driving; and we examine all available evidence to determine if the trucking company maintained the vehicle involved in the accident properly.

We look for all possible negligent parties and know how to obtain maximum compensation for you.

How to Handle the Insurance Company

Biren Law Group cautions all truck accident victims and their families to be wary of an official-looking person with a clipboard. Very soon after a truck accident, you can expect to receive a visit, even while you are in the hospital, from a representative of the trucking company or its insurance company. This person will want a statement from you.

You do not have to give any sort of statement about the truck accident until you have consulted a personal injury attorney. In fact, it is recommended that you don’t. Even if you know that you weren’t at fault, you should let your lawyer communication with the trucking company and their insurance company. This is for the benefit of your accident claim.

Should I Speak to the Insurance Adjuster?

Call Biren Law Group immediately and do not sign anything without speaking to a lawyer first. The goal of the trucking company and its insurance carrier is to avoid paying for the damage that they caused. Anything you say or sign can be used against you to that end. We can tell you about your rights and help you fight for maximum compensation.

Seeking Compensation for Your Injuries

Injuries to drivers who are hit by trucks often range from catastrophic to fatal—resulting in significant damages.

Some of the most common accident-related injuries include:

At Biren Law Group, our truck accident lawyers in Los Angeles utilize the best medical and damage experts to maximize your chances of receiving full compensation after an accident with a big rig, semi-truck, or 18-wheeler.

Learn How Biren Law Group Can Help

Biren Law Group is ready to help you fight for the level of compensation you deserve. Our aggressive case development strategies have already helped hundreds of clients recover top dollar for their injuries, and we specialize in finding liability where none was apparent. After all, the truck driver who caused the accident may not be the only one at fault.

Our firm has been protecting the rights of accident victims for more than three decades. In that time, we have recovered more than half a billion in damages and represented thousands of accident claims. Find out how we can assist you by scheduling a free, no-risk consultation with one of the truck accident attorneys at Biren Law Group.

Call us at (310) 896-4345 to schedule a free consultation with Biren Law Group.

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