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Bitten by Someone Else’s Dangerous Pet?

If you or your child was bitten by someone else’s dog in the Los Angeles area, don’t wait to discuss your case with our dog bite injury attorneys. With more than 40 years of experience, the Biren Law Group can assist you in seeking maximum compensation. Not only have we secured more than half a billion dollars on behalf of past clients, but we offer our services on a contingency fee basis—which means that you don’t pay unless we win your case!

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Understanding California’s Dog Bite Law

In the state of California, the law holds dog owners strictly liable for the actions of their pet. According to California Civil Code § 3342, the owner of any dog that bites another person who was in a public place or lawfully in a private place, including the property of the dog owner, is liable for the damages suffered by that person. This is true regardless of the viciousness of the dog, or the owner’s knowledge or their dog's viciousness.

Strict liability would apply as long as the victim was not:

  • Provoking the dog before the attack
  • Trespassing on private property
  • Performing a paid service involving the dog
  • Injured by a military or police dog

Our Los Angeles dog bite lawyers can help you collect all relevant details of the attack including the police report, eye witness testimony, and medical documents in order to pursue maximum damages from the responsible party.

Seeking Compensation for Your Injuries

Not only can unprovoked animal attacks result in physical pain and emotional trauma for the victim, but they can also lead to costly medical expenses. In fact, it has been reported that the average cost of a hospital stay from a dog bite is around $18,000. To make matters worse, a high percentage of dog bite victims are young children. Recent studies show that children under the age of 14 are at an increased risk for dog bite injuries.

Some of the most common injuries caused by dog bites include:

  • Puncture wounds
  • Scars and disfigurement
  • Rabies / infections
  • Head injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Psychological trauma

When you work with a Los Angeles dog bite injury lawyer from Biren Law Group, we will fight aggressively to recover the level of compensation you and your family deserve. Through a skillfully constructed personal injury claim, we can help you seek full compensation for all of the losses you have suffered. This may include, but is not limited to, your medical expenses, loss of income, emotional distress, and pain and suffering.

You Only Have Two Years to File a Claim

In California, dog bite victims will generally only have two years from the date of the attack to file a personal injury lawsuit—or two years from the victim’s 18th birthday if they were a minor at the time of the incident. If you fail to file your dog bite claim before the statute of limitations expires, you may lose all chances of recovering compensation. For this reason, you should waste no time in consulting the legal team at Biren Law Group.

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