Verdicts: Russo v. Jankovich & Sons

Seaman Requiring Neck Surgery Awarded $1.1 Million by Jury

Sal Russo, a 37-year-old deck hand, slipped and fell when attempting to cross on a gangplank from a water taxi owned by his employer onto an oil tanker. Mr. Russo sustained a spine injury requiring a neck fusion.

Biren Law Group was able to prove that the plaintiff's employer had violated the Jones Act by allowing him to work with unsafe, slippery shoes, rather than providing him with proper work apparel. In addition, they established that the oil tanker had negligently created a dangerous situation by failing to put anti-slip substances (like sand) in the paint used on the gangway.

A Federal Court jury returned a verdict of $1,114,463.00 on behalf of Mr. Russo. Biren Law Group was proud to be able to help our client retain fair compensation.