Jalisco Cheese Cases

Babies Born With Brain Injuries Due to Mothers' Consumption Of Adulterated Cheese Paid Millions

The mothers of Crystal and Yvonne both consumed adulterated Jalisco Cheese during their pregnancies. As a result, Crystal was born blind and with cerebral palsy. Yvonne was born by caesarean section at 29 weeks gestation, weighing less than 4 pounds and suffered mental retardation, cerebral palsy, and a crossed eye.

Crystal's case was particularly difficult because her mother had consumed the cheese many months after the cheese epidemic, past the time when all of the bad cheese had been removed from the marketplace. Biren Law Group was able to establish, however, that the cheese had been purchased by the mother's boyfriend and had remained in his refrigerator for the many months while he was in jail. When he was released, the mother and boyfriend put the cheese in soup, resulting in the mother contracting the listeria infection which led to the baby's injuries.

Yvonne's case came to Biren Law Group after her first lawyers had recommended a settlement for a comparatively small amount ($600,000) with the primary defendants. Biren Law Group pursued a claim against the distributor who allegedly sold the adulterated cheese to the retailer where Yvonne's mother shopped which was an extremely difficult case to prove.

Crystal's case settled for a structured pay out in excess of $10 million, with a present day value of approximately $1.8 million. Yvonne's case settled on a structured basis for a pay out of between $9,459,624 and $18,557,090; a present day value of $2.1 million. Yvonne's parents received an additional $330,000 in damages.

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