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Pools can cause chemical burns, other injuries


Memorial Day is often seen as the beginning of summer and spending time in the pool is a favorite activity for both kids and adults in Southern California. Pools are very fun but they can also pose serious risks for injuries, including one that many people may not be aware of: burn injuries.

Chemical Burns from Pools

Pool chemicals can cause serious injuries like chemical burns and poisoning, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Their study found that an estimated 13,508 visits to the emergency room from 2015-2017 were caused by pool chemical injuries, with roughly one third of these visits involving patients under 18 years old. Two thirds of these injuries were recorded during the summer swimming season from Memorial Day to Labor Day. This is a scary finding as many kids and adults spend a lot time in pools during the summer.

Why are pools so dangerous and how do they cause serious injuries?

Many pools contain chemicals like chlorine to clean the water and prevent germs from spreading. Unfortunately, mishandling chemicals or not using them properly to clean a pool can result in serious injuries.

The CDC reported that the most common injuries caused by pool chemicals were poisoning caused by inhaling the chemicals and chemical burns. Too much chlorine or being exposed to chlorine for too long can result in skin burns and even eye injuries, according to the researchers. Getting chlorine on your skin can result in serious chemical burns, which can be very painful.

The study found that injuries caused by pool chemicals that result in visits to the ER usually involve teens and younger kids. The study also found that injuries were most likely to happen on weekends during the summer and holiday weekends, like the upcoming Memorial Day weekend.

What can be done to prevent chemical burns and other injuries?

First of all, make sure you follow directions when using pool chemicals and use protective gear at all times. It is also important to not mix chemicals together because it can cause serious injuries. Also be sure to store pool chemicals in a safe place where children and pets cannot reach them.

Chemical burns, poisoning and eye injuries can be very traumatic. Everyone should take the appropriate steps to keep their pool safe and to prevent injuries so everyone can enjoy the long weekend and rest of the summer by the pool.

If you or a loved one has suffered a chemical burn in a public or private pool, you may have a legal claim to compensation. Call (310) 896-4345 today to speak with a trusted Los Angeles burn injury attorney from Biren Law Firm.