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Important Information for Victims of Sexual Assault: What You Need to Know About Filing a Lawsuit

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woman Victims of sexual assault and abuse have legal rights, including the right to pursue civil legal action against the parties responsible for their harm and suffering. While the unique facts and circumstances involved ultimately determine the trajectory of a case, it remains important for victims to understand their rights and what they can do to assert them.

To help you better understand civil lawsuits over sexual assault and abuse, we have compiled the following information:

  • Claims against the wrongdoer – Civil lawsuits over sexual assault and abuse can be filed against the responsible individual wrongdoer or entity, such as in the case of institutional abuse where entities employed the abuser. While these parties may face criminal charges for their conduct, as well as penalties, a civil lawsuit is generally the only means for victims to recover compensation for their damages, including their mental anguish and emotional injuries. Civil lawsuits are handled separately from criminal cases.
  • Suing additional parties – Victims often have rights to pursue lawsuits against persons or entities other than the wrongdoer. This commonly involves situations of premises liability, where property owners have a legal obligation to take reasonable measures in ensuring the safety of guests, visitors, or even residents of rented properties, such as homes, apartment complexes, and hotels. Depending on the circumstances, these premises owners may be held at fault for their failures to provide adequate security, which enables the perpetrator to gain access and commit the offense. These failures can amount to negligence when property owners knew or should have known about potential issues and failed to fix them, such as broken locks or windows, a lack of security cameras, poorly trained security staff, or insufficient lighting, especially when there is a history of assault or crimes on the premises.
  • Reporting assault and abuse – Victims can protect themselves and their rights by reporting instances of assault and abuse to the authorities as promptly as possible. This can ensure that they will be appropriately tested and that they receive treatment for psychological effects of the assault, as well as any physical injuries. Though difficult, stepping forward to report assault and abuse can also protect other innocent victims from suffering harm in the future.
  • Work with the right attorney – Working with the right attorney can make all the difference in a victims’ legal journey and recovery. At Biren Law Group, our caring and compassionate attorneys prioritize the wellbeing and needs of our clients, and work personally with them through difficult times. As lawyers who focus exclusively on harnessing the power of the civil justice system, we can guide assault and abuse victims through the legal pathways needed to hold wrongdoers and accountable parties liable for the damages they suffered. This can provide the sense of justice they need, and the compensation they deserve.

Civil claims involving sexual assault and sexual abuse are emotionally turbulent matters, as well as difficult legal endeavors that involve unique and challenging issues. However, they can be effectively handled by proven lawyers. By trusting your case to the experienced and passionate legal team at Biren Law Group, you can gain the support of caring advocates who are intent on making your voice heard and securing justice on your behalf. Learn more about these types of lawsuits and what our firm can do to help by calling (310) 896-4345 for a free and confidential consultation.