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The Consequences of Smart Phones Are Deadly

smart phone

SmartPhoneNowadays, nearly everyone is accustomed to using their phone at nearly every moment of the day. In recent history, there has never been such a high spike in U.S. traffic fatalities--and smart phones are very likely to blame. Despite the overwhelming evidence, however, federal data on the danger of distracted driving due to cell phone use is still undermining the truth threat these devices pose. Federal records still don’t attribute these countless fatalities to cell phone use or driver distraction. Unfortunately, the issues will continue to worsen.

In fact, traffic fatalities have increased by nearly 15% in the past 2 years. Despite this drastic increase, people don’t seem to be drinking and driving, or speeding and more than usual. Certainly not enough to account for this surge in road fatalities. Our Los Angeles personal injury lawyers of Biren Law Group have seen just how devastating the effects of distracted driving can be, especially in regards to cell phone use. Before, texting or talking on the phone were the only concerns--however, as technology has progressed, people are now more in tune with their social media accounts than ever. This is why our legal team is so passionate about advocating on behalf of those who have sustained injuries or died at the hands of an entirely preventable mistake.

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