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Scientists Set Sights on Studying CTE Brain Disease in Veterans

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Chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) is a degenerative neurological condition caused by repetitive brain trauma. While the condition is most closely associated with athletes and professional football players – many of whom were included in the recent $1 billion NFL concussion lawsuit settlement – it can happen to any individual who suffers repeated head injuries, especially service members and military veterans.

As a law firm actively involved in supporting our nation’s veterans, organizations like the MVAT Foundation, and veterans who suffer aggravation of service-connected conditions in civilian accident personal injury cases, our team at Biren Law Group knows traumatic brain injuries (TBI) have become the signature wound of vets who served tours of duty in recent conflicts abroad. In fact, statistics show that hundreds of thousands of service members have received a TBI diagnosis since 9/11 – and scientists are now making efforts to further explore how serious those injuries may actually be.

In a landmark study published last year, scientists discovered CTE in the brains of 99% of deceased former NFL athletes (CTE can only be diagnosed after death). The same researchers behind that study are also identifying similar patterns among deceased veterans who experienced head trauma related to combat blasts. Of the 125 veterans’ brains studied by researchers, 74 of them had CTE.

Moving Research Forward

CTE has no known cure, and can currently only be diagnosed definitively by examining the brain after death, although there are some methods to indicate the possible presence of CTE before death. A debilitating disease, CTE can cause symptoms ranging from depression, behavior and mood changes, and problems with impulse control to difficulty with thinking and memory loss. Because the disease is in many ways a mystery, researchers are now setting their sights on finding ways to effectively diagnose and treat the condition during a victim’s life.

To accomplish this, they’re turning to veterans, especially those who have experienced repeated head injuries or concussions related to:

Veterans who have experienced repeated head trauma and are living with symptoms of CTE can help researchers advance our collective understanding of the condition by participating in active research trials or donating their brains after death, similar to being an organ donor. These selfless acts can help scientists explore treatment options, help others struggling with the disease, and hopefully one day prevent it entirely.

You can find more information, resources, and learn how to get involved below:

Fighting for Veterans in Los Angeles Personal Injury Cases

Veterans with TBI and other service-connected injuries can experience a significant worsening of symptoms when involved in accidents as civilians. While all victims injured by negligence have the right to seek justice and compensation for their damages by filing a personal injury lawsuit, the need to address the unique setbacks veterans face is critical to helping them pursue special damages. At Biren Law Group, we help veterans navigate all aspects of their personal injury cases.

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