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Why is the Summer Prime Time for Car Accidents?

Woman talking on a cell phone while driving

If you've been in a car accident recently, you're not alone. In fact, according to data from the National Safety Council (NSC), the months of July and August are typically the prime time for car accidents. So what makes summer such a risky season for drivers? The Biren Law Group is here to answer that question for you.

Teen Drivers

There are numerous factors in play regarding summertime accidents, but one of the most significant factors has to be the lack of experienced drivers on the road. Because teenagers aren’t in school and have lots of free time on their hands, they tend to take driving up as a new hobby. Not only can their lack of experience lead to driving mistakes, but they are also at higher risk of distracted driving with passengers and smartphones in their vehicles.


Construction sites are a common sight during the summer months. Unfortunately, they can also be a significant source of traffic accidents. The construction season brings an increase in both construction activity and traffic congestion. This combination can result in a higher number of accidents and more severe injuries.

Construction workers are also at risk, as they often work close to moving traffic. To minimize the risk of accidents, it is crucial to be aware of construction activity and plan your route accordingly. By being alert and cautious, you can help make the construction season a safe one for everyone involved.

Hot Temperatures

It's no secret that hot temperatures can lead to road rage. When drivers are hot and uncomfortable, they're more likely to lose their tempers and get into arguments with other motorists. Unfortunately, this can often lead to car accidents.

In addition, hot weather can also cause tires to fail and make it difficult for drivers to see clearly. As a result, it's essential to be extra cautious when driving during the summer months. If possible, try to avoid being on the road during the hottest part of the day, and ensure your car is in good working condition before setting out on a long trip. By taking these precautions, you can help to keep yourself and others safe on the road.

Have You Been in an Accident This Summer?

If you or someone you know has been in a summertime accident, then you may be entitled to compensation for their injuries. Our team at Biren Law Group can help you file a claim and get the compensation you deserve. We understand that dealing with the aftermath of an accident can be stressful, so let us handle the legal details while you focus on your recovery.

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