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Lumbar/Back Fusion Surgeries

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The lumbar region of the spine includes the lowest five vertebrae, L1 through L5, at the base of the spine and just above the tailbone. Spine injuries in the lumbar region are particularly common, as the vertebrae in the lower back support the most body weight and are subject to extreme stresses during bending, lifting and twisting motions.

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Alternative Treatments to Back Surgery

Lumbar pain is first treated conservatively, with exercise, cold or heat therapy, electrical stimulation, anti-inflammatory drugs, chiropractic or physical therapy, or epidural spinal injections. If these fail to alleviate the symptoms, back surgery has to be considered.

Some common back surgery procedures include:

  • Discectomy: This procedure removes a small amount of material from the ruptured disc so that it no longer impinges on a nerve or the spine. In some cases, minimally invasive discectomies, called microdiscectomies or endoscopic discectomies, may be appropriate. These procedures involve the insertion of special, microscopic instruments and a camera into a small incision.
  • Laminectomy: This procedure is used to cut away a portion of the spiny process at the end of a vertebra called the lamina. This may be done for decompression, to free up the spine or nerve roots irritated by spinal stenosis or a narrowing of the spinal cord canal, or to enable the surgeon to gain access to deeper tissues.
  • Spinal fusion surgery: This procedure surgically links two or more vertebrae to increase stability of the spine. The purpose of the surgery is to stop movement of the spine at the point that is causing lower back pain.

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