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Presentation Of The Case During Settlement Negotiations

Effectively Presenting a Case During Settlement Negotiations is an Art Form

Effective presentation of a case begins long before the settlement discussions. If the case is not aggressively and expertly prepared for trial, it cannot be presented in the best light for settlement. If the defense does not believe that you will try the case, they will not pay top dollar. Unlike trials, where case presentation is limited by rules of evidence, there are no limitations during settlement discussions.

Biren Law Group has developed many different presentation approaches.

Settlement Conference

The Los Angeles personal injury attorneys at Biren Law Group almost always presents their clients' cases with a detailed settlement conference or mediation notebook, which combines a textual description of the case with supporting documents—which may include pictures, deposition excerpts, medical reports, and more. This format allows for an uninterrupted, cohesive presentation of every aspect of the case.

This is different than what can be presented during the give and take of settlement discussions between the parties. Another benefit of a detailed written presentation is that it preconditions the settlement conference judge or mediator to believe in the merits of the case. Equally important, it can educate the defense on the value of the case and eliminate any doubt about Biren Law Group's level of preparation.

Of course, our firm will never disclose everything to the other side.

Computer Presentations

Another approach used by our firm is to highlight important aspects of the case through computer-assisted visual presentations. These presentations are not only effective communication tools, but they also serve as a preview of the type of presentation that the defense can expect at trial if the case is not resolved.

Mediation Witnesses

On occasion, we have felt that it would be beneficial for the defense representatives to observe important witnesses first-hand in order to reinforce particular strengths of the case. Sometimes, we will even present our client during the mediation. Other times, doctors or experts will be invited to talk about disputed aspects of the case which we suspect the other side might have misconceptions about.


Perhaps the overriding character of Biren Law Group's settlement preparations and presentations is creativity. Over our 40-year history, we have utilized numerous imaginative approaches to illustrate the merits of our cases.

Examples include:

  • Videotape: In one settlement conference involving a container that was dropped from a crane, we started the settlement conference by showing an excerpt from Lethal Weapon 2 where a similar incident was filmed.
  • Demonstrations: In one case involving a scissor lift tip-over, we rented a similar device, tested it under similar terrain and recreated the accident.
  • Graphic Evidence: Our firm often includes particularly gruesome photographs in its settlement brochures because they drive home the human horror of bad accidents, even if the court might not let them into evidence.
  • Excerpts from Focus Groups: In one case, we showed the excerpts of value discussions, showing that the minimal values being considered by the jury were considerably higher than the maximum values previously considered.

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Biren Law Group has developed a tremendous capability of selecting the most effective method of presentation to fit the unique characteristics of the case. As a result, our firm has amassed an extraordinary record of settling cases for top dollar. In total, we have recovered more than $500 million in damages for our clients.

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