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Fires, Injuries & Deaths Spark More Lawsuits Over Hoverboards


HoverboardHoverboards, marketed as battery powered self-balancing scooters, have become increasingly popular over recent years. While they are enjoyed by consumers of all ages, many of these devices are being criticized for potential defects that pose risks of fires, property damage, and preventable injuries and deaths. In fact, there have been a number of lawsuits filed against manufacturers and retailers that make these products available to the public.

Concerns over hoverboard injuries and potential hazards stem from issues related to lithium ion batteries that power the devices. These batteries may be prone to explosions during charging or use, which pose risks of injuries to riders and fires that may cause extensive property damage or additional injury and death. In March of 2017, two children in Pennsylvania were killed in connection to a fire sparked by a hoverboard. A lawsuit against Amazon was also recently filed this month by a California family after a hoverboard sold by the online retailer caused a fire that burned down their home and killed two family dogs. The fire is one of many in multiple states currently being investigated by consumer product safety officials.

Due to reports of fires, millions of dollars in property damage, and increasing injuries and deaths, federal regulators have been investigating potential defects and have issued warnings over various brands and products, including numerous Chinese-made hoverboards. The Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) has also recalled hundreds of thousands of hoverboards marketed by various companies. Many Airlines, businesses, and even local municipalities across the U.S. have prohibited use of hoverboards due to potential hazards. Although retailers have pulled certain brands of hoverboards from their inventory, many continue to sell the devices.

Understanding Your Rights After a Hoverboard Fire or Accident

Under product liability laws, consumers who experience property damage or serious injury in connection to hoverboard fires, as well as families who lose loved ones in fatal incidents, have the right to pursue legal action and a recovery of their damages. These lawsuits are typically filed against manufacturers that failed to ensure the safety of their product for its intended use. However, because it may be difficult to locate out-of-country manufacturers of some hoverboards, victims may be able to pursue lawsuits against distributors and retailers that market and sell these products.

Because product liability lawsuits can be exceedingly complex, especially when filed against large corporations that utilize resources to fight claims and minimize payouts, it becomes critical for victims and families to enlist the assistance of proven attorneys. At Biren Law Group, our Los Angeles personal injury lawyers have extensive experience protecting the rights of children and adults who have been harmed by dangerous consumer products or have suffered catastrophic injuries such as burns, and families who have lost loved ones due to wrongful death.

Biren Law Group is actively investigating cases involving hoverboard accidents and fires, and is prepared to draw from decades of combined experience and deep resources to fight effectively on behalf of victims and level the playing field between them and corporations that want to pay as little as possible. Following preventable accidents that cause injuries, property damage, and other economic or non-economic losses, you have a right to explore your options and take action to hold companies accountable. Should you have valid grounds for a lawsuit, you can work with our legal team in pursuit of justice and financial compensation, including compensation for medical expenses, lost income, pain and suffering, emotional injuries, and more.

If you have questions regarding a hoverboard fire or accident, or wish to discuss a potential case, our defective product attorneys are readily available to help. Contact us for a FREE consultation.