Slip and fall: The benefits of premises liability

Slip and fall: The benefits of premises liability

Slip and fall injuries are among the most common types of premises liability lawsuit. As many are aware, people here in California and across the country often view this type of lawsuit as frivolous, unnecessary or even predatory, as though the injured victim is attempting to profit illegally from their accident.

Slip-and-fall injuries are often more damaging than one might normally expect, however. Falling injuries can result in permanent bone and joint damage, leading to lifelong difficulties. These injuries often require extensive treatment and medication, which can be very expensive.

More importantly, premises liability lawsuits can help to ensure that the negligent party puts a stop to the behavior that allowed the injury to occur. If a person is injured on a wet spot on the floor but doesn't press charges, store management is unlikely to enforce changes in their routine. Other shoppers, then, could be injured in the same way. A store that is forced to pay the price for their negligence, however, is likely to stop their hazardous behavior.

Personal injury cases are useful, then, not only because they provide vital compensation for injured victims, but also because they discourage negligent or irresponsible behavior in the future.

Take, for example, a woman from West Virginia who recently filed a premises liability lawsuit against a restaurant after she fell down the stairs. The wooden stairs, which were on the exterior of the building, were wet at the time of the accident, and therefore extremely slippery. The lawsuit alleges that the building owner should have taken steps to prevent this condition from occurring.

There's no telling how the lawsuit will eventually see its resolution, and details of the case are few. But if the woman is successful, it will likely effect a change in the way the restaurant maintains its premises, which should help to ensure visitor safety.

Source: The West Virginia Record, "Slip-and-fall lawsuit filed against Point Pleasant restaurant" Whitney Brakken, Oct. 14, 2013


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