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First-Party Personal Injury Claims & Insurance Bad Faith
First-Party Personal Injury Claims & Insurance Bad Faith

The distinction between a first-party and third-party claim has a considerable impact on how claims are handled and resolved. Most significantly, it defines the obligations of insurers. While an insurer owes a duty of good faith and fair dealing to its policyholders, it owes ...

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Blog Posts in 2020

  • Personal Injury & Insurance: First-Party and Third-Party Claims in California

    Most people are familiar with the premise of personal injury lawsuits: If you suffer an injury due to another’s negligence or wrongful acts, you may ...

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  • What is California’s Workers’ Compensation Exclusive Remedy Rule?

    In California, workers’ compensation provides benefits to victims who suffer injuries in the course of performing job-related duties regardless of who ...

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  • Consumer Products: Defects, Defenses & Proving Liability

    For attorneys who represent injured victims, exploring potential products liability claims can be a successful expedition in the fight for full ...

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  • Defective Machinery: Products Liability Litigation & Industrial Accidents

    From forklifts and backhoes to machine presses and assembly line equipment, many workers earn their living using huge and highly dangerous machines. ...

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  • Can I File a Personal Injury Claim For a Low-Impact Car Accident If I Was Pregnant?

    Victims who bring personal injury lawsuits after being involved in a car accident typically do so after suffering physical harm – whether that means ...

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  • CA Auto Defect Litigation: Products Liability & Motor Vehicles

    Americans rely on their cars, trucks, and SUVs for commuting and enjoyment, but as massive machines capable of high speeds, motor vehicles pose ...

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  • How Being Pregnant in a Car Accident Can Affect a Personal Injury Case

    Can Being Pregnant In a Car Accident Affect My Personal Injury Case? A pregnant mother’s worst fear is losing her baby, followed by having her baby ...

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  • Design Defects: When Is A Product Defectively Designed?

    In a country powered by consumer goods, it comes as no surprise that laws exist to ensure the safety of products placed into the stream of commerce, ...

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  • Products Liability: Pre-Litigation and Investigation

    Victims who’ve suffered losses as a result of defective products have the right to seek compensation for their damages by pursuing civil injury ...

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