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Case Study: Social Media Investigation Uncovers Unsafe Conditions at Hotel Pool
Case Study: Social Media Investigation Uncovers Unsafe Conditions at Hotel Pool

Premises claims are complex cases that require plaintiffs’ counsel to track a series of events leading up to their client’s injury. While counsel can benefit when sites are preserved or when witnesses corroborate a plaintiff’s version of events, they must more often contend ...

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    Swimming pools are a big part of the Southern California lifestyle. From small to big, pools can be found at many residential homes, apartment and ...

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  • Actual & Constructive Notice: Did Owners Know About Unsafe Conditions?

    When it comes to litigating premises liability claims in California , attorneys need to be intimately familiar with the circumstances surrounding ...

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  • When Is a Property Owner Liable for a Slip & Fall?

    Slip and fall accidents are among the most common types of personal injury cases which invoke premises liability – or, a landowner’s financial ...

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  • Can I File a Lawsuit For a Slip And Fall At Work?

    When most people think of slip and fall accidents , they tend to think of those at grocery stores and retail businesses, residential homes and housing ...

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  • How Investigations Work in Property-Related Accident Cases

    Premises liability allows victims injured on others’ property to hold owners or managers at fault when they fail to act reasonably in identifying, ...

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  • Holding Property Owners Liable: Key Elements in a Premises Liability Case

    Premises accidents come in all shapes and sizes, and attorneys who practice personal injury are well aware a premises liability claim can vary from ...

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  • Premises Liability, the Law of Attractive Nuisances & Child Injuries

    When it comes to premises liability , California law makes it clear land owners have a legal duty to ensure the safety of their properties. This means ...

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  • Building Fires & Personal Injury: What You Need to Know

    Fires are a leading cause of property damage, injury, and death. In fact, the National Fire Protection Association estimates that in 2015, over half a ...

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  • Can I Sue After an Escalator or Elevator Accident?

    According to Consumer Watch, elevators in the U.S. make approximately 18 billion passenger trips each year, with escalators making a whipping 105 ...

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