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Improper Fencing Around Public or Private Pools
Improper Fencing Around Public or Private Pools

Improper fencing around public or private pools presents a significant safety risk that can lead to catastrophic outcomes. It is crucial that protective barriers adhere to recognized safety standards, including appropriate height, gap sizes, and locking mechanisms. A ...

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Blog posts in Premises Liability

  • Case Study: Social Media Investigation Uncovers Unsafe Conditions at Hotel Pool

    Premises claims are complex cases that require plaintiffs’ counsel to track a series of events leading up to their client’s injury. While counsel can ...

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  • Who Can I Sue Over a Swimming Pool Accident?

    Swimming pools are a big part of the Southern California lifestyle. From small to big, pools can be found at many residential homes, apartment and ...

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  • Actual & Constructive Notice: Did Owners Know About Unsafe Conditions?

    When it comes to litigating premises liability claims in California, attorneys need to be intimately familiar with the circumstances surrounding their ...

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  • When Is a Property Owner Liable for a Slip & Fall?

    Slip and fall accidents are among the most common types of personal injury cases which invoke premises liability – or, a landowner’s financial ...

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  • Can I File a Lawsuit For a Slip And Fall At Work?

    When most people think of slip and fall accidents, they tend to think of those at grocery stores and retail businesses, residential homes and housing ...

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  • How Investigations Work in Property-Related Accident Cases

    Premises liability allows victims injured on others’ property to hold owners or managers at fault when they fail to act reasonably in identifying, ...

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  • Holding Property Owners Liable: Key Elements in a Premises Liability Case

    Premises accidents come in all shapes and sizes, and attorneys who practice personal injury are well aware a premises liability claim can vary from ...

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  • Premises Liability, the Law of Attractive Nuisances & Child Injuries

    When it comes to premises liability, California law makes it clear land owners have a legal duty to ensure the safety of their properties. This means ...

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  • Building Fires & Personal Injury: What You Need to Know

    Fires are a leading cause of property damage, injury, and death. In fact, the National Fire Protection Association estimates that in 2015, over half a ...

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