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How to Pick the Right Firm to Help Provide You the Justice You Deserve

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In the wake of an accident or injury, finding the right attorney can be challenging, if not overwhelming. Especially in Southern California, where there is seemingly an endless number of lawyers proclaiming they have the skills and track record to get you results, picking the right firm can be a daunting task.

In this guide, we’ll discuss how you can optimize the outcome of your personal injury case by identifying and hiring the right law firm. Your choice will have a large impact on the success of your case and the compensation you recover.

Why Finding the Right Lawyer is So Critical

The two most important things in finding the lawyer that is right for you are the lawyer’s skill and the relationship you have with the law firm.

The first word in personal injury is personal – this is critically important to keep in mind because, as the injured person, it is important that you not only find the right attorney that you feel is qualified to represent your best interest, but also an attorney that has an open line of communication with you to make sure that you understand the lawyer’s plan of attack and goals to help your case succeed.

After all, your attorney serves as your main line of defense against large insurance companies whose main objective is protecting their bottom line. Without a qualified lawyer with a clear plan for your case, how else will you obtain maximum compensation for your pain and suffering?

At Biren Law Group, our attorneys are not only committed to protecting your rights against the interests of large corporations whose only motivations are greed and profit, but also making sure that you are completely in the loop with everything going on in your case. Our firm is qualified to handle your case for the following reasons:

  • 2014 & 2015 Litigator Award Winner in Brain Injury & Spinal Cord Injury Litigation
  • Included in California Super Lawyers® list every year since 2006
  • Well-versed in handling complex cases with insurance companies
  • Utilize expert witnesses, investigators, and medical specialists
  • Recovered $500+ million in verdicts and settlements for clients
  • Access to the latest technology to achieve results
  • An open line of communication to Matthew and Andrew Biren to discuss any aspect of the case
  • Lawyers that pride themselves on their relationship with their clients and ability to work together to achieve results

How to Choose the Right Lawyer for Your Case

When selecting the right lawyer, it is important to trust your instincts and take your time.

Do not go with a firm that is not going to guarantee you the personal attention you desire or sign up with a lawyer who is making promises that seem farfetched. Make sure that you speak with the lawyer(s) who are going to actually be handling your case – avoid firms where your contact is with a case manager or paralegal without direct communication with the handling lawyer(s).

Most important of all, make sure you have done your homework so that you feel completely comfortable with the lawyer you have chosen to represent you. Trust is critical for a successful attorney-client relationship. Without it, your case can suffer.

At Biren Law Group, our attorneys work to craft a case strategy that is tailored to your circumstances. To do this, we evaluate the details of your case, determine what will provide the most impactful evidence, and identify key witnesses, investigators, and specialists for you. Critically, this also includes in-depth discussions with our clients to ensure that we understand the full extent of the damages he or she sustained in the accident. This is an ongoing collaborative process that is key to the success of your case.

We do all of this while maintaining open lines of communication with you throughout the process. We understand that our job is to be the steward of your case and we take this very seriously!

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