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The Most Important Decision an Injured Person Will Make is Picking the Right Lawyer!

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A lawyer can have a dramatic effect, both good and bad, on the amount of compensation an injured person receives.

The right lawyer can help an injured person obtain substantial financial justice, even on the most challenging of cases. The wrong lawyer can sink even a strong case, depriving his client of justice, by failing to put his client's case in a position to recover maximum compensation.

The Right Lawyer Will Put Your Case in the Best Possible Position to Succeed

The right attorney not only has the skills and experience necessary to succeed, but also the financial resources to do everything necessary to win the case. Being in a position to win results in larger settlements and favorable verdicts if the case has to be tried.

The right lawyer has an ability to form a plan of attack based on the unique aspects of your case – no two cases are alike. You never want a lawyer who takes a cookie-cutter approach to handling cases. Instead, your lawyer should be focusing on the unique aspects of your personal situation in order to best convey the information that will produce a settlement or verdict for maximum compensation. Every client's life has been changed by their injury in different ways and only a lawyer who gets to know his client and understand the impact of the injuries on his or her life will be able to convey the harm done in a way that makes insurance adjusters or jurors understand the full spectrum of damages you have suffered.

The right lawyer puts you in the best possible position to get the most money by handling your case from the outset so that he gets to know it inside out. A lawyer who has others handling the case for him will never know you and understand the harm you have suffered as well as someone involved in your case throughout its life.

Another major consideration in choosing the right lawyer is whether he, she, or the firm has the resources, skills, and ability to take your case to trial. Cases settle for less when they are handled by lawyers who do not have a reputation for trying cases – and winning them. Insurance companies know that they can pick the pocket of lawyers (which means picking the pocket of their clients) who do not try cases because they can count on them folding in the end, to their client's detriment. The defense lawyers and insurance companies know what lawyers get the job done and fear them, which results in more compensation for their clients.

This is your case. You are the one who has suffered as a result of the injuries the defendant caused. You owe it to yourself to pick the right lawyer who will help you get justice in the form of maximum compensation.

Tips on What to Avoid When Selecting a Lawyer

Keep in mind the following pitfalls to avoid when selecting an attorney:

  • Avoid firms where your first contact is with someone other than a lawyer.
  • Avoid firms where you are not communicating with the trial lawyer from the outset.
  • Avoid firms that do not maintain clear and open lines of communication with clients.
  • Avoid firms that try and push their clients into decisions they are not comfortable.
  • Avoid firms that make promises or guarantees that seem too good to be true.

Injured in an Accident? We’ll Fight for You

At Biren Law Group, we make it our mission to guide clients through the legal process as carefully and efficiently as possible. We’re passionate about tipping the scales of justice from the rich corporations and insurance companies back to the individuals that need our help the most, and we’re not afraid to take these large entities to trial.

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