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California child suffers brain death after tonsillectomy
California child suffers brain death after tonsillectomy

Many people are aware that surgeries, even simple, common procedures, present certain risks to the patient. Complications can arise that doctors could not have expected, leading to permanent, even fatal damage. Unfortunately, in many cases the complications could have been ...

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  • Tarzana man drinks beer immediately after fatal accident

    All drivers know that drunk driving is a serious crime, and many are aware of the heavy penalties that come with it – license suspension, heavy ...

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  • California teen suffers spinal cord injury from gunshot wound

    A California teen is paralyzed from the waist down after being struck by a stray bullet. The 19-year-old girl suffered the spinal cord injury when she ...

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  • Lack of oxygen can cause brain injuries

    Not all brain injuries are TBIs that result from jolts to the head. Some brain injuries result from a lack of oxygen to the brain . They are called ...

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  • Can I have a brain injury without a blow to the head?

    Traumatic brain injury is known to result from a jolt to the head that can cause a wide range of cognitive, emotional and physical problems. Car ...

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  • Can traumatic brain injuries cause seizures?

    Most people with brain injuries do not have seizures. However, seizures are a potential problem that some people who have suffered a traumatic brain ...

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  • What are incomplete spinal cord injuries?

    The most serious spinal cord injuries include quadriplegia , which can involve a complete loss of movement and sensation in all four limbs and ...

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  • California tree trimmer killed by falling branch

    Workplace dangers come in all forms and in all professions. Every worker in America, from fry cooks to factory workers to accountants, has to deal ...

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  • What is post-concussion syndrome?

    A concussion is a mild brain injury that can come from injuries at work, car accidents , athletics and other accidents. In most cases, the symptoms of ...

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  • How do doctors determine the level of a brain injury?

    Brain injuries encompass a spectrum of symptoms and harm. A person with a concussion may suffer mild symptoms and have no lingering aftereffects, ...

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