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Faulty Guardrails Result in Fatal Auto Accidents
Faulty Guardrails Result in Fatal Auto Accidents

Recent motor vehicle collisions have raised questions about the effectiveness of guardrails in preventing accidents. Ideally, a highway guardrail should protect a driver from hitting roadside obstacles or going over an embankment or cliff. For example, if a motorist falls ...

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  • Train Accident Lawsuits: Holding Amtrak & Rail Carriers Accountable

    Rail carriers such as Amtrak have been facing intense scrutiny following a number of high-profile, devastating train accidents . This includes the ...

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  • Family of deceased UCB football player sues for wrongful death

    Premature death is almost always a tragedy, but particularly so when the victim is young and appears to be healthy. This is one reason why so many ...

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  • Wrongful death lawsuit alleges business ignored allergy warning

    Food, drug and chemical allergies seem to be much more common than they once were. Thankfully, they also tend to be treated more seriously than in the ...

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  • Construction accident kills California worker

    A fatal work accident in Southern California highlights the risks construction workers can face. A worker was killed while working on a railroad ...

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  • California bill addresses increase in hit-and-run accidents

    Hit-and-run accidents are all too familiar in Southern California. Hit-and-run accidents resulting in serious or fatal injuries have increased in the ...

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  • Dangerous premises blamed for film workers' deaths, injuries

    Many California residents love going to the movies, but few are aware of the safety concerns that may arise in the production of these entertaining ...

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  • Industrial accidents not the only cause of workplace death

    The illness is known as 'valley fever,' and it is reportedly responsible for three employee deaths at prisons in the San Joaquin Valley since January ...

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  • California tree trimmer killed by falling branch

    Workplace dangers come in all forms and in all professions. Every worker in America, from fry cooks to factory workers to accountants, has to deal ...

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  • Animal sanctuary worker killed by cougar

    Here in California, and indeed all across the country, workers in every trade have a certain expectation of safety in the workplace. This holds true ...

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