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What Most People Don’t Realize About Mild TBIs
What Most People Don’t Realize About Mild TBIs

Primarily caused by blunt force trauma to the head, concussions or mild traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) affect millions of Americans every year. According to the Brain Injury Research Institute , as many as 3.8 million recreation-related concussions occur in the United ...

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Blog posts in Brain Injuries

  • Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) Cost Patients Upfront & Much Later

    A traumatic brain injury ( TBI ) is perhaps the most severe of all catastrophic injuries . When a person’s brain is damaged, they will immediately ...

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  • New Study Links Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries to Higher Risks of PTSD, Depression

    Traumatic brain injuries are among the most unpredictable types of injuries a person can suffer. Though so much of the human brain’s inner workings ...

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  • MRIs After a Brain Injury: Why They're Important

    Our attorneys at Biren Law Group often feature posts about brain injuries on our blog. As we have discussed, traumatic brain injuries (TBI) have ...

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  • Veterans with Brain Injuries from Heavy Weapons Training Face Concerns Over VA Coverage, Setbacks in Civilian Lives

    Military veterans face significant risks when it comes to traumatic brain injuries (TBI) and the long-term, if not life-altering, impact they can have ...

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  • How Traumatic Brain Injuries are Diagnosed

    Traumatic brain injuries can subject victims to serious setbacks, and in the most severe cases, can alter their lives forever. Because brain injuries ...

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  • What Are Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries?

    In a recent blog , we discussed the shocking findings of a study that found brain disease in 99% of deceased former NFL athletes whose brains were ...

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  • Study Finds Brain Disease in 99% of Former NFL Athletes

    Brain injuries are notorious for their unpredictable nature, especially when it comes to long-term effects on health and cognitive function. Over the ...

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  • Los Angeles Bicyclist Sustains Severe Injuries in Hit & Run Accident

    On Monday, November 23 at about 3AM, a driver in South Los Angeles hit a man riding a bicycle near Broadway and Vernon Avenue. The driver of the ...

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  • Portable brain-injury blood test in development for U.S. Military

    Public awareness and scientific research regarding traumatic brain injuries have increased significantly in recent years. Although most of us think of ...

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