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Drones - A New Danger to Look Out For?
Drones - A New Danger to Look Out For?

A groom is currently facing a lawsuit after two of his guests were hit in the head by a drone while dancing at the wedding reception. The event took place at Searles Castle in Windham, New Hampshire this past August and the drone was used to get the perfect birds eye view ...

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Blog Posts in 2016

  • Distracted Driving - A Rising Problem

    During the past four decades, highway fatalities steadily decreased, with innovative solutions that kept drivers’ hands on the wheel rather than on ...

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  • Biren Prominently Featured in Book

    Matthew B. F. Biren has recently had some of his most important work featured in the new book Slick Water: Fracking and One Insider’s Stand against ...

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  • Do Older Commercial Truck Drivers Pose a Danger?

    In today’s economy more and more individuals are working past the retirement age of 65, including truck drivers. In fact, there were more than 6,636 ...

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  • What Are Contingency Fees & How Do They Benefit You?

    A contingency fee is an agreement dictating that a law firm shall only receive payment should they win your case. If they lose your case, you are not ...

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  • Cycling in Los Angeles: Safety, Regulations, and Tips

    The densely populated urban make-up of Los Angeles can often make riding a bike a bit more tricky than most other areas, but cyclists and drivers of ...

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  • A Guide to Los Angeles for Pedestrians: Safety Tips for Walkers

    While there is the common thought that Los Angeles is full of drivers and people who never want to walk, there are plenty of pedestrians walking the ...

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  • An Overview of California's Wrongful Death Law

    Reckless actions of any kind can lead to individuals sustaining serious injuries. Unfortunately, there are times when these types of actions can also ...

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  • Do High Temperatures Increase the Risk of Tire Blowout?

    Imagine you’re driving down the road on a hot summer day and all of a sudden, you tire blows out and you lose control of your vehicle. What happened? ...

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  • Reasons to Seek Medical Attention After an Accident

    After a car crash , there are plenty of things that may go through your mind. What are you going to do about work? Should you call the insurance ...

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