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What is post-concussion syndrome?
What is post-concussion syndrome?

A concussion is a mild brain injury that can come from injuries at work, car accidents , athletics and other accidents. In most cases, the symptoms of a concussion ease as the brain heals. But in some cases, the symptoms of a brain injury can persist for weeks or months ...

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Blog posts in November, 2013

  • California tree trimmer killed by falling branch

    Workplace dangers come in all forms and in all professions. Every worker in America, from fry cooks to factory workers to accountants, has to deal ...

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  • How do doctors determine the level of a brain injury?

    Brain injuries encompass a spectrum of symptoms and harm. A person with a concussion may suffer mild symptoms and have no lingering aftereffects, ...

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  • How can a whiplash injury affect a person�s life?

    Whiplash is a term for injuries that can occur to a person’s head, neck and spine in a motor vehicle accident. Researchers believe that whiplash ...

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  • California Highway Patrol officer injured in motorcycle accident

    Police officers have a dangerous job. In addition to the dangers posed to them by possibly violent perpetrators, they spend many hours on the roadways ...

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  • Animal sanctuary worker killed by cougar

    Here in California, and indeed all across the country, workers in every trade have a certain expectation of safety in the workplace. This holds true ...

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  • What is the difference between paraplegia and quadriplegia?

    A spinal cord injury occurs when the bones surrounding the spinal cord are damaged. Paralysis is the best known result of spinal cord injuries, but ...

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  • Chevrolet sued for product liability

    Car manufacturers bear an enormous responsibility to keep their customers safe. Perhaps more than any other consumer product, cars have the ability to ...

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  • How does brain trauma affect the different parts of the brain?

    Brains are complicated organs. Because of the brain’s complexity, the effects of a brain injury can vary greatly from person to person and can depend ...

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  • What are the most common causes of traumatic brain injury?

    A traumatic brain injury (TBI) happens when a person sustains a bump or jolt to the head or suffers a penetrating head injury that affects the brain's ...

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