Drone Delivery Services - A New Risk in Our Skies

Drone Delivery Services - A New Risk in Our Skies

droneDrone services are quickly gaining traction as a delivery method. Receiving orders via machine is no longer a far-out idea, but rather something that is currently being tested out and, in some cases, put into practice. 7-Eleven, for example, carried out 77 flights in its drone delivery experiment in 2016 when it partnered up with drone maker Flirtey, servicing select customers that live within a mile of the store.

Similarly, Amazon began its own drone delivery trial program in the United Kingdom. The service was limited to the daytime, during appropriate weather conditions, and at no extra cost. For its first delivery, Amazon used an autonomous drone, which also flies outside a human’s line of sight. This type of drone flight is not legal in the United States, which is why the trial was done abroad, where Amazon has an arrangement with the British government.

However, drone deliveries are happening in the United States and we can expect them to grow in popularity. Google delivered Chipotle to Virginia Tech and there has been talk of delivering Starbucks via drone as well. While this may sound appealing to the individual who may look forward to conveniently receiving an order in the 13 minutes Amazon boasts, it also creates a new risk. With so many drones airborne, mistakes and accidents are bound to happen and, if you suffer an injury as a result, you are entitled to seek compensation.

At the Biren Law Group, we can provide the skilled representation a case like this requires. We are an award-winning team of trial lawyers who have recovered maximum compensation in a variety of personal injury cases on behalf of our clients. Drones create a new risk to look out for in our skies and, if one causes you harm, seeking legal recourse is your right. Take that step with us.

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